Job Responsibilities

  • Comply with the Data Protection Act.
  • To be able to monitor and operate the CCTV system, ensuring fully functioning recording,
  • Comply with the data protection act and ensure that the only authorized persons are permitted in Control, and all sensitive information remains controlled.
  • Ensure that security procedures are being followed at all times and keeping records and logs fully up to date.
  • Never to leave the control room unattended or unmanned unless instructed to do so by the Duty Manager, Line Manager or fire department, this includes breaks & smoking.
  • Comply with the standard hours of work or those specifically applicable to yourself and not be absent without permission.
  • Be of neat appearance and dressed in accordance with the SFML dress code.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality regarding company information records of data collected and used in the course of your job functions.
  • No member of staff is allowed to respond to media enquiries and must refer them to the HR & ADMIN Manager.
  • Maintain visual contact at all times (where cameras allow) of staff if & when on external patrols on the Nightshift.
  • Maintain the perimeter security and integrity of the building constantly, particularly throughout non-operational hours, interrogating all visitors to satisfy their authority to be on site.
  • Notify a Senior Manager immediately of any unusual occurrence, breach of security, regulation, or emergency situation.
  • The use and carrying of personal mobile telephones are not permitted whilst on security duties.

What we can offer you

  • Excellent Work Environment.
  • Standard Training/On Job Training.
  • Bonus
  • Weekly Holiday
  • Sick Leave
This job has expired.