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While it may seem intimidating at first, once you have mastered the basics of Microsoft Excel it can make your life a lot easier. It can boost your employability and career prospects whilst also being a useful tool to analyse data in everyday life, such as when managing personal finances.

 Microsoft Excel has proven to be advantageous for day to day business activities. The knowledge of Microsoft Excel particularly in analyzing data and reporting has become essential for every company to carry out day to day business and reap the best results.     

Excel is widely used. Having good spreadsheet skills therefore gives you the ability to work on all sorts of different tasks. And you can more easily get value out of information that’s being shared in workbooks. Once you know how to use Excel, you’ll find yourself using it more and more.It’s an accessible platform that can be used to do both simple and highly sophisticated business tasks.

Why VAINBD Training ?

Well, since July 13, 2018 we inaugurated Skill Development Training on Professional Microsoft Excel. Since the beginning till date we never compromise our service quality. Our all Trainers are highly professional. They also belong good career. Till now we successfully completed total 9 Offline course on MS Excel and more than 11 Online course also. In total participated were Office 150+ and Online 500+

Who can attend?

✔To develop self-skill, anyone can participate on this course. Like as: Under Graduate, Fresh Graduate and Entry level- Mid level and Top level also.   

✔Anyone who is involved in reporting: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing / Production Managers, Compensation & Benefits / Training / HR Professionals, Administrative Managers, Accountants, Supply Chain / Procurement / Store / Warehouse Managers, Auditors, Professors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Project coordinators, project and construction managers, bankers, financial analysts, Market researchers, Business and Management Analysts

Training Platform:

Google Meet

Certificate Issue:

After completing the course, we will send Soft Copy Certificate via e-Mail and Hard Copy Certificate to your current mailing address.

Students who have already joined with us:

Company: BRAC| UNION Bank| Unilever| Abdul Monem Group | Hamim Group | Trust Bank | Bay Group | Omicon Group | ServicEngine | ViVO | USB | Lithe Group | Digital Healthcare Solutions | Singer Bangladesh | Squire Group | Daaraz | eValy | City Bank | bKash | National Polymer | and many more private companies

University Students: NSU | BRAC | UIU | IUBAT | IUB | University of Dhaka | Siddiheswari University and College | Jagannath University | Dhaka City College | Royal University of Dhaka | South East University | Northern University Bangladesh| and may more who are from Outside of Dhaka/ Inside also.

Student Satisfaction:

✔ After completing each class, you will get Recorded Video Footage by next 24 hours.

✔ Each batch has a separate Facebook Group. When you face problems while practicing at home in off time, then if you post the screenshot in Group. Trainers are quick to solve it!

✔ Each batch has a separate Whatsapp Chat Group for Quick Chat. By doing this, if you suddenly encounter a problem in Google Meet / Facebook, then as an alternative, everyone here can quickly get feedback!

✔ The most important issue is, in Orientation class, how to use Google Meet. So advance notice is given – in written form to Facebook Batch Based Group! By doing this, those who know a little less about using Google Meet grow confidence in themselves! It’s not a problem to take classes at Google Meet. So far our students are enjoying using it well !!

🛑 Course Outline:

✅ Professional MS Excel (Basic to Advanced level)

✅ MS Office Version: 2016 / 2019

🛑 Level-01

✅ Day-01: (Art in Excel)

Introducing Interface and Saving, Property, Basic Calculations, Fill and Auto Fill, Case Change & Join Text, Text Apart, Picture & Screen Short, Shapes, Smart Art

✅ Day-02: (Formatting Data)

Format Painter, Function And Formula in Excel, Formatting Cell by Alignment, Formatting Cell by data type, Formatting Cell by Fill and Border, Formatting Cell by Font

✅ Day-03: (Orientation with Excel)

Cell References (Relative & Absolute), Find and Replace, Replace all, Freeze Panes, Hyperlink, Managing Multiple Windows, Paste Specials, Selecting, Moving & Resizing, Structure of Excel Function (fx)

🛑 Level-02

✅ Day-04: (Advance Functions)

IF Function (Basic & Advanced), IF Functions (sum, count, average), IFS Function (Sum, Count, Average), IF Function (Basic & Advanced)

✅ Day-05: (Advance Tools)

Consolidating, Data Validation, Subtotal, Index and Match Functions, Vlookup, Hlookup Functions

✅ Day-06- (Big Data Management)

Manage Duplicate Data, Managing Data by Group, Table ,Slicer, Sort and filtering, Formatting by Formula

✅ Day-07: (Data Review & Automation by Excel)

Formula Auditing, Managing Comments in Excel, Protect Sheet and Workbook, Financial Functions

🛑 Level -03

Loan Calculation and financial formulas, Define Names

✅ Day-08- Advance Charts

Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Printing Document Perfectly, Analysis Tools, Data Table, Goal Seek, Macro Concept

💥 Tips 💥 Shortcuts 💥 Practical Project Practice 🔖 Test

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